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Last updated 17 May 2023
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2023 Season

2023 Season

Event Dates

StartFriday 11 November 2022

FinishSaturday 16 September 2023

Registration Dates

OpenFriday 11 November 2022

CloseMonday 31 July 2023

Register NowFeesTerms and conditions

Registration is a two step process.

You are currently completing step one by registering with PHFC and paying the season fees through this registration system. In this system you will pay club fees only.

When you complete step 2 by registering from the link at the end of the club registration you will be invoiced for all affiliation fees for FQ/FA/insurance fees as set by the governing body for the relevant age group.

If you are using a Fair Play Voucher please ensure that you upload the voucher for processing when completing this registration. The $150 value of the voucher will be credited to your account once payment has been received from the Queensland Government.

At the end of this step there will be a link to the Play Football website where registration is required for all players with the exception of Mens O35/45 and Kookas.

O35/45 Mens Players do not use the Play Football system to register - these players register via the Footsy APP.

Please ensure that you complete both steps in the registration process.

If you are being offered a position prior to January 2023, the Play Football registration is not available. Once the Play Football system comes online for 2023 you will be sent an email to register for the final step in the registration process.


    • Discounts
    • 75 Family Discount (2nd & Subsequent Family Member)

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, Bank Transfer

Pine Hills FC would like to thank LJ Hooker for their sponsorship.
LJ Hooker

Terms and conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions are required to be read by both players and their parents/guardians and accepted before registration will be accepted.

    Acknowledgements and Consents
    - You agree to comply with all Club Policies and Procedures including the requirement to register on the PHFC Majestri system to pay the prescribed club fee for the relevant age group, as well as registering in the Football Australia Play Football system, as mandated by the governing bodies, to pay the prescribed affiliation fee which include Player insurance for those participating in a Football Queensland approved competition.
    - You agree to comply with the FFA Codes of Conduct and the FFA Codes of Behaviour as detailed at
    - You agree to comply with all Club Directives on Health, Safety and COVID Management.
    - Failure to comply with relevant codes / directives may lead to revocation of club membership.
    - Players will only be placed in teams once registration in both club website and Play Football have been fully completed.
    - Positions in teams are unable to be confirmed until the full registration process in both systems is finalized and may be subject to trials or grading policies.
    - Photographs/Video recordings may be made by the club for marketing/promotional purposes.

    Privacy Policy
    - Personal information collected by Pine Hills Football Club is for the purpose of membership requirements and/or competition(s).

    Registration Fees
    - All fees must be paid in full or subject to an approved payment plan prior the approval of registration.
    - If after a payment deadline has passed and/or payment plans are not adhered to, the Committee may take action to suspend a member from playing with the club until such time as outstanding fees are up to date. This will always be a last resort and would only happen if previous communications with members have been ignored.
    - If fees have not been paid in full for the 2023 season, then registration for and participation in the 2023 season will not be possible until such fees are settled.
    - In the 2023 season all players must be fully financial/have an approved payment plan in place by 31 March otherwise they will not be able to participate in fixtures.
    - No form of kit or equipment will be distributed until full payment of Club Fees is received and competition players will not be made active in Play Football.

    - No registration refunds will be given after a player has been graded and or allocated to a team.
    - In exceptional Circumstances a partial refund may only be given subject to the clubs refund policy.
    - No refunds will be provided if membership is revoked due to breaching relevant Codes of Conduct.