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Pine Hills FC provides a range of opportunities for volunteers who are looking to assist in the development of players from Mini Roos up to Senior Teams. Further information about this rewarding role are below.

Coaches at PHFC

Team Management


·       Provide challenging opportunities to assist development of players and coaches.

·       Broaden the range of football and social experiences of players.

·       Monitor player development relative to other clubs.



·       Ensure team officials are appropriately qualified and prepared.

·       Teams to be ambassadors of PHFC and as such, should refrain from any activity that will discredit the club.

·       All players, team officials and supporters are expected to comply with relevant policies from PHFC, Football Brisbane, Football Queensland, FFA and FIFA organisations. Such policies include, but are not limited to:

  1. Codes of Behaviour
  2. Racial and Religious Vilification
  3. Anti-harassment
  4. Anti-Drug Policy
  5. Player Age Policy.


·       Teams should always compete to the best of their ability, within the laws of football and the rules of competition, whilst exhibiting etiquette and sportsmanship of ‘The Spirit of the Game’.


Team Management - A Summary

Team Management includes the Coach and Manager who will accompany teams to both training and games. As integral parts of Team Management, it is imperative that both the Coach and Manager are familiar with, and understand, each other’s role. Each member of Team Management will be supplied an ID card that they are expected to display during training and game times.


Together, the Coach’s and Manager’s primary responsibility is to the players. Such responsibility includes their development as a team, and as an individual, including their welfare according to the above Objections and Expectations. PHFC acknowledges that the supervision of players is paramount. As such, either the Coach or Manager must be in the vicinity of the players during training and game time.


The Team Coach and the Team Manager are an integral part of the team and are required to work in concert and in support of each other to uphold the “Code of Behaviour” amongst themselves and players. Team Coaches and Team Managers are also expected to create an environment whereby players can produce their best, be proud to represent their Club and enjoy all aspects of the event.


If anyone involved in Team Management breaches any of the obligations outlined in this document they will be subject to disciplinary proceedings before PHFC which may result in the termination of that person’s employment or association with PHFC.


Team Management - The Team Leader Role (U6 - U12)

Miniroos teams will be managed by a Team Leader who is expected to adopt the responsibilities of both a Team Manager and a Team Coach. Team Leaders are required for age groups between 6 and 12 years and must agree to the uphold the same ’Code of Behaviour’ and policies as mentioned above.

Position Description - Team Coach


Team Coach (Each Junior team must have both a coach and a manager)



To ensure the successful coaching of the team and welfare of the players in their care, whilst making sure that all on-field matters are dealt with efficiently and timely. Provide support to the team manager and any support staff. Ensure PHFC is represented both visibly and ethically as required.



·       Plan, conduct and evaluate training sessions with consideration of updated coaching trends.

·       Develop and communicate match plans to the players and Team Manager.

·       Provide ongoing feedback to individual players on performance during training and matches.

·       Co-ordinate and supervise the activities of the Team Manager.

·       Liaise with the players’ parents or guardians for team information and player injury rehabilitation.

·       Integrate appropriate sports science into the coaching plan and understand the role of sports science in: injury avoidance,

·       nutrition, mental skills, fitness and strength.

·       Assume responsibility for the operation of all individuals who interact with the players.

·       Ensure match selections are made with respect to team objectives and expectations.

·       Assume supervisory role of the team when required during training sessions and game days.

·       May provide a written report to PHFC for newsletters within a reasonable deadline after the completion of all games.

·       Assist the Team Manager in the supervision of team members, specifically when the players are on the football field.

·       Accountability for the planning of a learning environment and practices during the prescribed tenure.

·       Responsibility for all technical and tactical implementation of policy.

·       To coach the players with consideration for the mission and goals prescribed for the team.

·       Provide live updates and game information through ‘Teamstuff' (website and app) when required.

·      Hold a current and positive Blue Card or exemption (according to the Commission for Children & Young People & Child Guardian Act 2000).



·       Reports to the Team Manager and Technical Director.

·       Supports the team manager, committee and other support staff.

·       Liaise with players, parents and club supporters.



The Team Manager will report to the Technical Director and General Committee of the club, as well as the Team Manager.



·       Great organisation and communication skills.

·       Able to prioritise tasks.

·       Exhibit an analytical approach and observational skills.

·       Passionate about PHFC and team.

·       Understanding of the rules and regulations of the competition.

·       Team player; able to co-operate with PHFC’s resources for the benefit of the team and club.

·       Possess a Senior First Aid Certificate or equivalent (or willing to undergo course).

·       Minimum current level 0 accredited Football Coach or accreditation being commenced upon application.

·       Possess a Blue Card or exemption (according to the Commission for Children & Young People & Child Guardian Act 2000).


[The estimated time commitment required as the Team Manager is up to 5 hours per week.]

Coach Documentation - Guidance Documents

The Football Coaching Process - click to download

An FFA Document that describes the coaching process and covers the what, how and why of coaching.

Winning vs Development

“Did you win?” is traditionally one of the first questions a grassroots player will be asked when speaking about their game with family and friends.

It is precisely this mentality, that winning comes before development, that needs to be changed and better understood.

Australian football must have a fundamental change as to how the game is played and coached, with this transformation beginning at the grassroots level.

Understandably, there must be a balance between winning and player development, however, the primary objective must be to develop more ‘world class players’.

In the words of Peter Drucker, ‘the best way to predict the future is to create the future’.

And so, the FFA has commenced this journey in scripting the future for player development with the implementation of the Optus Small Sided Football (OSSF) formats.

OSSF are football games designed especially for children, with fewer players on smaller sized fields. The formats of OSSF allow for greater interaction with the ball and involvement in the game.

OSSF meets the developmental needs of younger players whilst maintaining a strong focus on maximum participation fun and enjoyment.

A key component to OSSF is transferring the attention and focus to development rather than winning, hence the introduction of a ‘non official competition’ format for Under 6’s through to and including Under 11’s.

Read the rest of this article here

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