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Fitness and coordination

Ladders - Mark Lavery - 14 Best Speed Ladder Drills

Ladders: Hamza Abdelqader: 15 Agility Ladder Drills for Soccer

First Aid

  1.  St John First Aid  - Fact Sheets

Football Injuries

  1. Sports Medicine Australia: Football Fact Sheet 
  2. Sports Medicine Australia: Injury Fact Sheets
  3. Sports Medicine Australia: Concussion Fact Sheet
  4. How to perform CPR  - Fact Sheet 

Child Fitness Research

  1. Fitness Australia Children’s Health and Fitness Guidelines (Also refer to the references on page 9)
  2. Kids Health: Kids and exercise  
  3. American Council on Exercise: Youth Fitness: Principles for Effective Programming  

In the case of inclement weather - advice on status of fields will be posted here no later than 4:00pm on the day.

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