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Winning vs Development

“Did you win?” is traditionally one of the first questions a grassroots player will be asked when speaking about their game with family and friends.

It is precisely this mentality, that winning comes before development, that needs to be changed and better understood.

Australian football must have a fundamental change as to how the game is played and coached, with this transformation beginning at the grassroots level.

Understandably, there must be a balance between winning and player development, however, the primary objective must be to develop more ‘world class players’.

In the words of Peter Drucker, ‘the best way to predict the future is to create the future’.

And so, the FFA has commenced this journey in scripting the future for player development with the implementation of the Optus Small Sided Football (OSSF) formats.

OSSF are football games designed especially for children, with fewer players on smaller sized fields. The formats of OSSF allow for greater interaction with the ball and involvement in the game.

OSSF meets the developmental needs of younger players whilst maintaining a strong focus on maximum participation fun and enjoyment.

A key component to OSSF is transferring the attention and focus to development rather than winning, hence the introduction of a ‘non official competition’ format for Under 6’s through to and including Under 11’s.

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