Junior Football (U12-U16)

For our Juniors we provide training for all levels and interests.
All players will train at least once per week with their team and have games typically on a Saturday morning.

Inspire Academy is for those who really have a desire to improve their football. These players will train twice per week, 40 weeks of the year. The costs are higher but not significantly. Full details are available in the Academy booklet posted on the Inspire Academy page on this website.

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Grading Schedule & Team Announcement Dates

Below is the grading schedule and team announcement dates for 2018:




U9 (Born in 2009)

February 19th @ 5:15PM

February 26th @ 5:15PM

U10 (Born in 2008)

February 22nd @ 5:15PM

March 1st @ 5:15PM

U11 (Born in 2007)

February 21st @ 5:15PM

February 28th @ 5:15PM

U12 (Born in 2006)

February 8th @ 6:15PM

February 15th @ 6:15PM

Notes for Grading

·       Players will be graded according to ability from U9 to U12, primarily and secondly requests to play with friends will be considered.

·       The decision of the technical team is final.

·       These grading sessions are for none Academy players only.

·       Boys and Girls to attend the grading session for their age group

Team Announcement Day

·       U9, U10, U11 - Wednesday March 7th @ 6pm

·       U12 - Monday February 19th via email


Please note for team announcement day:

  1. Players and parents are to come along at the designated time for their age group.
  2. We will not be changing any teams this year on announcement day or thereafter.
  3. We will require a team leader for all Mini Roos teams. Expectations of a Team Leader will be available shortly.
  4. If we do not get a Team Leader, teams will be unable to train until one is appointed. We are happy if this role is shared. However, we will need contact details for all Leaders.
  5. You will meet your team and there will be club information available from club representatives.
  6. You will also get the opportunity to ask questions regarding your child’s football at Pine Hills for the 2018 season.
  7. Please note it is highly UNLIKELY that we will have fixture information available for the day, as these are outside of our control.

Junior Training Schedule - 2018

The training schedule for 2018 can be found here:
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