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Pine Hills FC is an inclusive, modern, forward thinking, football club. Our drive for excellence has been recognised by FFA with our National Club Accreditation Level 2 Award. We are the first club in Brisbane to achieve this level of national accreditation.

Our mission is to provide a positive, supportive and family friendly football environment. We are committed to the development of players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers. We seek to provide the highest quality facilities, and the promotion of sport in our community through participation in Football.

Weekend Fixtures 24-26 May 2019 ~ U9 - Seniors

25/05/1909:00Harold Brown Park 10  (McDonalds Under 12 Division 7 North) Samford Rangers U12 D7N  Vs  Pine Hills U12 Div 7 Nth 
25/05/1909:00James Drysdale Reserve 3  (U10 Goannas South Moreton Hub 1) Pine Hills U10 United (Goannas)  Vs  Albany Creek U10 Schalke (Goannas) 
25/05/1909:00James Drysdale Reserve 5  (U9 Goannas South Moreton Hub 1) Pine Hills U9 Roar (Goannas)  Vs  Albany Creek U9 Athletico (Goannas) 
25/05/1909:00James Drysdale Reserve 4  (U11 Goannas Moreton Hub 1) Pine Hills U11 United (Goannas)  Vs  Albany Creek U11 Aberdeen (Goanna) 
25/05/1909:00Narangba Sporting Complex 5  (U9 Geckos North 1) Narangba U9 Lineker (Gecko)  Vs  Pine Hills U9 Victory (Geckos) 
25/05/1910:00James Drysdale Reserve 3  (McDonalds Under 12 Division 3 North) Pine Hills U12 Div 3 Nth  Vs  Albany Creek Red U12 Div 3 Nth 
25/05/1910:00James Drysdale Reserve 4  (McDonalds Under 12 Division 3 Girls) Pine Hills U12 Div 3 Girls  Vs  Toowong U12 Div 3 Girls 
25/05/1910:00Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex 2  (U11 Goannas Moreton Hub 2) Caboolture U11 Vipers (Goannas)  Vs  Pine Hills U11 Roar (Goannas) 
25/05/1910:00James Drysdale Reserve 5  (U9 Geckos North 1) Pine Hills U9 United (Gecko)  Vs  UQFC U9 Raptors (Gecko) 
25/05/1910:30North Lakes State College 1  (U10 Geckos Moreton Hub 2) The Lakes U10 Yellow (Geckos)  Vs  Pine Hills U10 City (Geckos) 
25/05/1911:00Harold Brown Park 11  (U10 Goannas South Moreton Hub 1) Samford U10 Roar (Goannas)  Vs  Pine Hills U10 Roar (Goannas) 
25/05/1911:30Ruby Street 1  (U10 Komodo Dragons North 2) Brisbane City U10 Academy White (Komodo)  Vs  Pine Hills U10 Inspire (Komodo) 
25/05/1913:00Albert Bishop Park 2A  (U11 Komodo Dragons North 2) Virginia United FC U11 Bobcats (Komodo)  Vs  Pine Hills U11 Inspire (Komodos) 
25/05/1913:45McCook Park 1  (McDonalds Under 13 Division 5 North) Newmarket U13 Div 5 Nth  Vs  Pine Hills U13 Div 5 Nth 
26/05/1909:00James Drysdale Reserve 1  (McDonalds Under 13 Division 2 North) Pine Hills U13 Div 2 Nth  Vs  Caboolture U13 Div 2 Nth 
26/05/1910:20James Drysdale Reserve 1  (McDonalds Under 15 Division 3) Pine Hills U15 Div 3  Vs  Virginia United FC U15 Div 3 
26/05/1911:00Woodcrest College 1  (McDonalds Under 15 Division 5) Springfield United U15 Div 5  Vs  Pine Hills U15 Div 5 
26/05/1911:40Teralba Park 1  (McDonalds Under 15 Division 2) Mitchelton U15 Div 2  Vs  Pine Hills U15 Div 2 
26/05/1912:00James Drysdale Reserve 1  (McDonalds Under 16 Division 5) Pine Hills U16 Div 5  Vs  UQFC Under 16 Division 5 
26/05/1912:30Lanham Park 1  (McDonalds Under 13 Division 1 North) Grange Thistle U13 Div 1 Nth  Vs  Pine Hills U13 Div 1 Nth 
26/05/1914:00James Drysdale Reserve 1  (McDonalds Under 14 Division 3 Girls) Pine Hills U14 Div 3 Girls  Vs  AC Carina U14 Div 3 Girls

6/7 Fixtures - Autumn/Winter 2019

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Urgent - City 7 Mens Team Seeking Players


Registrations Still Open - Register Online or at Club


If you missed our Registration Day, you can either pay at the Club Shop or register via the online “Play Football” registration website in less than 10 mins!  Please note you can register individually or as a family.

·       To access the website please visit click here and follow the instructions. 

·       On the Contact Details page, please add or update relevant details as required. Please note all players from U12 onward must upload a photo as required by Football Brisbane.

·       Make sure you select “Pine Hills Football Club Inc” on the registration page, then select the relevant package (eg: ‘Miniroos Club Football’).


If you have any issues with the platform, please call (02) 880 7983 or go to support page. 


Amazing Sponsorship Opportunity - Only $699

new field

We are now seeking 2019 Sponsors for our New Field and Academy Fields. For just $699 you get a 2400 x 900 cloth sign professionally printed and displayed throughout the season. Great value advertising whilst supporting your local club.

Training Schedule for 2019

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Last updated 20 May 2019
Field 1Open
Field 2 (Miniroos Field 3 & 4)Open
Field 3 (Miniroos Fields 5-8) (Far SIde)Open
Miniroos Fields 9-11 (Inspire Academy)Open

In the case of inclement weather - advice on status of fields will be posted here no later than 4:00pm on the day.

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